Patient Education

Importance of Educating Patients

    Ultimately every person wants to be the best they can be and maximize their genetics. The chances of an educated patient obtaining these goals are much greater than a non-educated patient. Growing old and not being able to walk is one thing, but growing old with a quality life that is active, is a whole different world.
    The time to start taking care of your self is now. So here at Evanter Chiropractic Center, we are constantly educating. The four essentials for life that all cells need are food, water, oxygen, and nerve impulses from the brain. The nerve impulse tells the cell what to do with the other three essentials. Aside from an initial half hour orientation on chiropractic and its benefits, weekly info is given to the patients on maximizing the four essentials on cellular (body) function. 
    30 years of practice have allowed Dr. Evanter to not only be an experienced chiropractor, but an educator on wellness care, as a "way of life". It takes time and patience to educate, but it is all worth it when Dr Evanter sees his patients living a long prosperous life, pain free.